I did not have much experience tagging anything before taking this class. Honestly, it scared me a bit and I was hesitant about it at first (like I felt about Twitter at first). About the same time I started this class, the library I work at implemented BiblioCommons which allows tagging in the catalog by users. So, I had to learn about tagging for school and work. Because of my hesitation and inexperience in using tags, my tagging at the beginning of the semester focused on the title and taking words from the title and abstract. I only added a few tags per article and did not trust myself to come up with “good tags”. One of the first I realized fairly quickly was that if I wanted to use tags with more than one word, I had to put them together as one entity or else citeulike would break them apart. I fixed it by writing them as one word and later on, I started adding hyphens between words to make it easier to read.

At the beginning of the semester, I only posted a few words for each article. As the semester went on and I got more comfortable, I started adding more words and phrases in my tagging system.  I stopped focusing as much on the title and abstract but started coming up with tags based on the themes of the articles.  I also did not realize that I could go back and edit tags until this last week of classes. This could have helped me add and delete tags based on what I was learning the rest of the semester as I got more familiar with the topics and themes.

My top tags were tacit, knowledge, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, and organizations. Knowledge management makes sense because this class is all about knowledge management. Organizations also works because most of the articles have been on knowledge management in organizations since that is a focus of this class. After reading Polanyi at the beginning of the semester (so long ago!), I start to see tacit knowledge everywhere. I still see it in the books I read, at work, and in the shows and movies I watch. This is probably why I used tacit more than explicit as my tags. Looking back, I am actually surprised I did not use tacit (and explicit) more because I think it was in more articles than my tags suggest.

If I could improve anything about my tagging system, I would plan better and think about tagging by themes instead of using words already in the title and abstract.  Maybe I could have added articles before I read them and tagged them based on what I thought the article was about and gone back after  I read them to adjust the tags. I did read a couple of articles I did not end up using, but thinking about it now, I could have added them anyway since I did read them.


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